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About Kelly

Kelly's gift is true and real. Her calm demeanor and friendly personality allows a comfortable reading between her and her clients. She validated soo many things that only my loved ones would know!" -Sara Valencia

My Journey

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I'm a mom of 5, married for over 25 years, and hanging out with my husband for over 26 now. He is the best thing that ever happened to me along with my children, but finding myself on this crazy journey of mediumship does come close. I have moved through fear and vulnerability to develop my skills; support my loved ones; and reconnect families as I do now. And, despite the struggles, I encourage others to never give up; you never know where your experiences will lead you.

The first experiences I’ve had that led me down this path began at a young age. Growing up, I spent a lot of time alone, despite having 5 brothers and a younger sister. Time spent alone meant time to think, to pray, and to rock. Not rock ‘n’ roll, mind you, but by moving back-and-forth. It had a calming effect on me, and it accustomed me to those various degrees of conscious thought. My father once told me that he saw me rocking and staring off into the distance when I was only 3 years old. He asked what I was doing. I answered, "I’m listening."


“What are you listening to?” 


"The people." There was no one around, and it wasn't a big surprise to him when I came out about my abilities later in life. He was very prepared for the news. My mother, on the other hand, was not. She felt it must be some demonic source visiting me. There are tons of stories about that as well, but I'll save those for the podcast, if you don't mind. I will tell you that my mom did eventually come around. Not all the way, but enough, because she saw the joy and peace my work brought to others first hand.

Everything that she saw came from the persistence I had within me. I am a self taught medium, but I prefer to call it “soul taught” as I didn’t figure this out entirely on my own. I got my training directly from the souls and my team. I call my main team member “The One;” it's short for, “the one guy I used to listen to when I was little.” More than likely one of the people I told Dad about. At times, finding the strength to keep developing my abilities has felt lonely; no one could put in the work for me, and the answers to all my questions weren’t often clear. I have cried, screamed, and threw tantrums along the way. I've even prepared to step away entirely, stating that "I'm  done. I don't want any of you to talk to me any more. Just leave me alone." But I came back around, as I always have, seeing my mistake in letting that hopelessness control me. And as my understanding grew, my abilities strengthened, and here we are over 20 years later.

If there is something that I would like you to know about me, then it would be that I love working with the souls in the hereafter. Their messages and their energies are so full of love, and the wonderful people I meet on both sides of life inspire me to continue my work. I am friendly, I am honest, I am compassionate, and sometimes I am a bit goofy. I know that I am here to help others find peace, and I hope that you would allow me the opportunity to be their voice.


Kelly Musulin Medium

"Allow me to be their voice."


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